Emergency - No Hydro Flag System

Stemming from a Members concerns about actually being at the Range during a storm and the hydro went out and he was left with no way to continue or shut down the range.

David Benn and I put together this system in the event of a Power Failure at the Range and the attached are photos of the new Flag system for use ONLY when the Hydro go off at the Range.


# 1 - Is Portable Box containing Flags which will be stored at this station permanently while not in use.


# 2 - Is showing the two Flags which are inside the box.

# 3 - Is showing the gate / fence area where the flag box will mount. (note flag holder container mounted to gate post)


# 4 - Is the Flag box mounted to the gate/ fence by means of hooking it over the top rail.

# 5 - Is the RED Flag in the flag holder showing Range "LIVE" .


#6 - Is the GREEN Flag in the flag holder showing range "SAFE".

# 7 - When Flags are no longer required, please close flag holder lid, return both Flags to the Flag box and place the Flag box inside on the shelf.

This New System concerning Members Safety has been added to our already # 1 Range Safety Conscious Club..

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